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A storyteller in life. Nerd, Bookworm, Wiz/Bard, DM, 80's & 90's songs, Hard rock/Goth rock, Symphonic Metal, Taylor Swift. Too millennial for internet. (28 yo, she/her).


twospellslots ❤️ 15 days ago

My husband made korean food for lunch. So so so good.

twospellslots 😎 15 days ago

Tonight's D&D night! Yeaaaah! (Which means I need to write some things down because I'm the DM!)

twospellslots 🎶 20 days ago

Gotta listen to the last 3 episodes of The Magnus Procotol

twospellslots ❤️ 20 days ago

Arcturus, my D&D char, just bought a house. His first house. Not gonna lie i'm actually HAPPY for him.

twospellslots 📺 20 days ago

Watching a reality show about LEGO sets with hubby since yesterday. It's awesome.

twospellslots ❤️ 20 days ago

Still thinking about yesterday's D&D session