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twigsaretasty 🀐 44 days ago

yearning for the first time in A While

twigsaretasty πŸ€’ 64 days ago

want to do website stuff but wanting to spend time with family while i can because i will have time to code later when the holidays are over

twigsaretasty 🌈 70 days ago

need to find more mutuals on neocities... how do you find people...

twigsaretasty ❀️ 71 days ago

thank you scott lang. we love you.

twigsaretasty 🀐 80 days ago

i hate everything about my website rn..... i want to explode

twigsaretasty πŸ’€ 83 days ago

so very tired i just want to go to bed and be done with this project but alas...

twigsaretasty 😎 87 days ago

can FINALLY start making shrines :3

twigsaretasty πŸ’€ 90 days ago

i will code just one more thing before i go to bed. i say. and then i do six more things....

twigsaretasty πŸ’€ 91 days ago

i am just so sleep y i do not want to go to work

twigsaretasty 😎 91 days ago

just 100%ed pokedoku i feel so powerful. nothing can stop me

twigsaretasty πŸ’» 92 days ago

we grind so we can code later...

twigsaretasty πŸ’€ 92 days ago

giving up on my site for today... i am just a little sleepy

twigsaretasty 😢 93 days ago

one of my earbuds is not working… GRAAAAH.

twigsaretasty 😢 93 days ago

set an alarm for the gym but did not go… of course

twigsaretasty πŸ’€ 93 days ago

really craving some waffles covered in peanut butter right now.... well goodnight i guess

twigsaretasty πŸ€” 93 days ago

trying to see how this works