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A boy on his hands and feet, trying to emulate a dog. He is wearing a dog skin suit. The drawing is crude and in black and white.

Pronouns: he/him

nearly 30 programmer, working in web but yearning for art


turak šŸ’€ 484 days ago

wow. WOW. drinking is bad

turak šŸ¤– 487 days ago

Woke up at 5am. Took me 20 minutes of trying to sleep to realize that Iā€™m | awake | awake.

turak šŸ„± 490 days ago

bwuuuh i'm too tired today why would they make me work while i'm such a sleepy boy

turak šŸ¤– 491 days ago

work machine blocks use of apps from unknown developers. Just manually build it from the repo to bypass!

turak šŸ˜Ž 495 days ago

feeling groovy

turak šŸ™‚ 497 days ago

oh damn i'm feeling a little miserable. let's say it's Seasonal Affective Disorder

turak šŸ¤– 498 days ago

coffee coffee tea tea (and water i guess)

turak šŸ¶ 504 days ago

head feels a bit like an overstuffed tissue box, but otherwise we're good

turak šŸ¶ 506 days ago

neocitrine please heal me

turak šŸ™‚ 513 days ago

new years recovery is now a go

turak šŸ„ŗ 515 days ago

i had so many nightmares last night, but the coffee fills me with hope and determination

turak šŸ˜± 518 days ago

I got up early and tried to work until 13:00 before I realized that boxing day is a holiday

turak šŸ™‚ 521 days ago

-10 C and dropping. first white christmas in a few years now

turak šŸ˜› 523 days ago

nothing like attempting a schedule again

turak šŸ™‚ 526 days ago

i know sir, but you see i stayed up until 2am the day before work because i literally do not care about serving a capitalist entity at all

turak šŸ˜“ 530 days ago

took me an hour to realize it isn't actually friday yet

turak šŸ¤– 535 days ago

am i not motivated enough do i get too distracted with other things? is fomo killing my initiative and replacing it with excess consumption?

turak šŸ™‚ 535 days ago

sometimes i find myself feeling real down and out. and then i realize it's past midnight and that might be related...

turak šŸ˜­ 543 days ago

the bananas were too bad

turak šŸž 546 days ago

banana bread. Tonight!

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