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turak 🥰 3 days ago

Got a decaf coffee that actually tastes nice

turak 🙂 6 days ago

Keeping state at the top level and obscuring UI seems like an okay idea for anything other than front-end web developement

turak 💀 6 days ago

I'm so sorry but React is a bad language. It's not nearly as flexible as people say due to how poorly its hacked together solutions done

turak 🤖 6 days ago

Sorry but The Black Earth That Made Me is still the best album

turak 👀 11 days ago

Harry DuBois reminds me of my last years in Nova Scotia, except I didn't even get to join the homosexual underground. Where's my T-Shirt!?

turak 👽 12 days ago

unit tests! love and bane

turak 🌈 13 days ago

mushroom coffee and unit tests

turak 😭 14 days ago

i guess i really just don't like react!

turak 🙂 19 days ago

Actually really happy with my job! I'm bad at it, but it's so relaxed compared to my usual flow of constant overtime

turak 😭 21 days ago

You do a crypto job _1_ time and suddenly every job offer you get for the next 5 years is crypto

turak 🐶 26 days ago

Decided that today is going to be a coffee day. Mushroom coffee is so cozy tasting (of course I still need oat milk and honey in it).

turak 🙃 28 days ago

need awakening juice. need to write code...

turak 😱 32 days ago

i take my tea with honey, and my partner takes theirs with sugar. accidentally put honey and sugar into my cup this morning...

turak 🐶 40 days ago

Actually, I miss just regular html css. Could never get a job making a site with as little javascript as possible these days. Or with Gemini

turak 🤖 40 days ago

Got to get to grips with learning React. I still miss angular!