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A boy on his hands and feet, trying to emulate a dog. He is wearing a dog skin suit. The drawing is crude and in black and white.

Pronouns: he/him

nearly 30 programmer, working in web but yearning for art


turak 💀 131 days ago

brain pain brain pain noooo

turak 🙃 172 days ago

so tired! why does staying up late have to make you so tired

turak 🥰 256 days ago

fall weather got me

turak 🤖 269 days ago

buttons will be pressed

turak 🙂 271 days ago

car bork car tow car go to mechanic neighbor parks industrial vehicle in my driveway. coffee has never tasted so damn good

turak 🤖 275 days ago

coffee COFFEE coffee coffee coffeeeeeee

turak ☀️ 277 days ago

mentally still at the cottage with my homies

turak 🙃 292 days ago

body is sore from the long weekend long weekend

turak 🥺 297 days ago

frothing at the mouth. long weekend long weekend long weekend

turak 🥺 298 days ago

of course i'm devastatingly manly and strong, but i think i'll get the oat milk now anyways. the coffee wasn't too strong for me at all...

turak 🔥 298 days ago

outta oat milk, not a problem. i can have my coffee black. i'm a stone cold b. im a tough boy. a real man's man

turak 🙂 300 days ago

mushroom coffee mushroom coffee, what does it mean? 🍄

turak 🙃 305 days ago

listening to Death Grips and Grimes one after another to give myself the correct amount of brain damage

turak ❤️ 312 days ago

bee and puppycat ost is good. Baths is good

turak ❤️ 319 days ago

have been very dumb and stupid the last few weeks. my dearest is dear, and Good Omens good

turak 💔 320 days ago


turak 🧐 349 days ago

Pizza Tower is done, so now it's time to actually finish Disco Elysium

turak 🙂 355 days ago

i have learned of pizzatower and it is good

turak 🙂 362 days ago

today will be good! even though the AC is broken, it might not be later. It might even be a cheap fix!

turak 💀 366 days ago

hahaha feel horrible nice

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