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A boy on his hands and feet, trying to emulate a dog. He is wearing a dog skin suit. The drawing is crude and in black and white.

Pronouns: he/him

nearly 30 programmer, working in web but yearning for art


turak šŸ”„ 6 days ago

awaker than last night !

turak šŸ„± 7 days ago

sleep deficit ruling my body rn

turak šŸ™‚ 11 days ago

would that I could, make nothing but nonsense all day

turak šŸ’€ 14 days ago

my insides are dyingg

turak šŸ¤– 27 days ago

ducky keyboard make good clicky-clacky

turak šŸ”„ 35 days ago

Filled with determination!

turak šŸ¤– 49 days ago

I have a neocities page but I haven't done anything with it yet. I should!

turak šŸ‘½ 57 days ago

watch the last starfighter

turak šŸ„° 64 days ago

you're my sweet heart because you make my heart feel sweet

turak šŸ”„ 85 days ago


turak šŸ™‚ 88 days ago

both of those things at the same time? serotonin

turak šŸ„° 88 days ago

maybe all my statuses should be about the joy of actually seeing the sun for once and having nice mushroom coffee

turak šŸ„¹ 91 days ago

today is a coffee day, and a dinner-with-a-cute-friend day

turak šŸ™‚ 96 days ago

another day another tea

turak šŸ™ƒ 97 days ago

you know sometimes i wish i hadn't gotten into computer programming and just stuck with art instead...

turak šŸ˜¶ 104 days ago

i've always been bad at non numeric written tests. having to re-do my driver's written test has really killed my spirit

turak šŸ™‚ 113 days ago

owning a large feature initiative at work in the same time period that i'm hyperfocused on Rain World is just cruel...

turak šŸ’€ 120 days ago

wow. WOW. drinking is bad

turak šŸ¤– 123 days ago

Woke up at 5am. Took me 20 minutes of trying to sleep to realize that Iā€™m | awake | awake.

turak šŸ„± 126 days ago

bwuuuh i'm too tired today why would they make me work while i'm such a sleepy boy

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