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index page down!! site under maintenance!
uh haiii


tsumihq 😇 23 days ago

my sites index page has been "under maintenance" for over 6 months. truth is I've been playing Minecraft nonstop sorry guys lol

tsumihq 💔 34 days ago

Well I'm not a crook

tsumihq 🥱 72 days ago

I won 3rd in a chess tournament on the 9th. It was fun but I could've done so much better.

tsumihq ❤️ 124 days ago

I LOVE KAOMOJI ( = ⩊ = )

tsumihq 💤 284 days ago

Working on the site again!

tsumihq 🥹 297 days ago

I finally beat punching bag Bob and Kreehahm is no longer starving

tsumihq 😇 318 days ago

I decided to put my neopet through the mental trauma of battling the dummy and now she's dying of starvation

tsumihq 💀 330 days ago

I broke my switch. Rip Punchy

tsumihq 😭 363 days ago

i NEED totk but i MUST finish botw........

tsumihq 🌧️ 412 days ago

i dont like working in stylesheets for some reason, so my html is always so crowded x(