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im not real <3


trplchrry18 🤔 6 days ago

jesse, we need to become gyaru

trplchrry18 🙂 6 days ago

i loveeee skipping school :]

trplchrry18 🍦 8 days ago

i am literally going to end it all i cant do thsi anymore

trplchrry18 🥰 13 days ago

ngl i feel like putting a gun in my mouth <3

trplchrry18 🍏 17 days ago

i can't stand being this lonely...

trplchrry18 🍶 29 days ago

why do pads have to be so messy T.T

trplchrry18 😭 34 days ago

school is killing me.. HELP

trplchrry18 😶 47 days ago

blehhh idek right now :/