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troubadour 🧬 3 days ago

to be human is to hurt

troubadour . 7 days ago

nothing is good save the new

troubadour 🚭 7 days ago

you shouldn't smoke and i'll never smoke, but damn is it cool

troubadour 🔆 8 days ago

japanese house of the rising sun hits different

troubadour 🫀 18 days ago

want to be loved but i need to be a better person first

troubadour 🎥 18 days ago

opinion: tarantino movies would be better if he stopped casting himself in them

troubadour 💐 25 days ago

flowers for a stranger's grave

troubadour 🈚 25 days ago

everyone's got a story to tell

troubadour 👞 32 days ago

well well well, if the shoe isn't on the other foot

troubadour 📖 36 days ago

love devdocs with a bit a bit of sass

troubadour 😭 38 days ago

aaaaaaaaaa please stop changing my cookies i just want to post weird emojis

troubadour 🌄 49 days ago

listened to the mountain goats again for the first time in years. openly wept.

troubadour 🌂 72 days ago

accidentally bought a kids umbrella :/

troubadour 😎 77 days ago

using zotero to store references actually feels so sick

troubadour 🥤 87 days ago

tried blue and red gatorade, and honestly, couldn't tell the difference

troubadour 🏍 107 days ago

can you believe uniqlo was supposed to be uniclo, that name sucks. congrats to the clerk that messed up

troubadour ♠ 110 days ago

need to stop playing balatro, but damn its good

troubadour 📐 114 days ago

me looking at a math problem: this is impossible. me after actually reading it for 5 secs: this is so obvious i feel insulted i have to prove it

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