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troubadour ♠ 11 hours ago

need to stop playing balatro, but damn its good

troubadour 📐 4 days ago

me looking at a math problem: this is impossible. me after actually reading it for 5 secs: this is so obvious i feel insulted i have to prove it

troubadour 🎑 18 days ago

this emoji sick as hell

troubadour 💙 25 days ago

probably won't play p3r but the ost do be jammin

troubadour 🎧 29 days ago

headphones around your neck blaring music in bed is such a vibe

troubadour 👾 31 days ago

another great day of reading random tech articles, messing around, and playing kerbal space program

troubadour 🌧ī¸ 33 days ago

going to bed on a rainy morning

troubadour 𓂀 34 days ago

current mood: credits music from super mario land

troubadour đŸ¯ 36 days ago

got my super dimension fortress account!

troubadour 💤 37 days ago

i should really do something

troubadour 🌃 37 days ago

i am a vibe-based lifeform

troubadour đŸĒŠ 37 days ago

disco elysium huh. its really something.

troubadour 📐 37 days ago

im high on that potenuse

troubadour 🌅 38 days ago

weekend, parabellum

troubadour 💤 39 days ago

god i need to sleep

troubadour 🎍 40 days ago

i should get one of those tiny bamboo plants for myself

troubadour ⏰ 40 days ago

if i shouldnt waste my time why is it so fun

troubadour đŸĒą 40 days ago

achieved full emoji access

troubadour đŸŽļ 41 days ago

falling in love is such an inherently sad thing

troubadour 🌧ī¸ 41 days ago

you ever talk to someone and feel *emotion i cant describe in text*?