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Hey I'm Tris and this is where I post small updates :)


tris 🌙 1 day ago

CSS transitions are so fun wheeee

tris 🌙 11 days ago

Everything can change at the speed of the internet

tris 🌙 30 days ago

Absolutely can't wait for Bun for Windows coming out soon !!

tris 🌙 45 days ago

My sleep schedule is more random than lava lamps used for encryption

tris 🌙 52 days ago

Got a BlueSky account finally after being on the waitlist for months yay

tris 🌙 92 days ago

Wowza sleep is actually important :0

tris 🌙 173 days ago

Trying out bunjs! (

tris 🌙 179 days ago

Hey I'm Tris and this site looks really interesting, so that's what I'm doing now