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Just here to yap.


trinityexe 🙃 123 days ago

Saw the boy and the heron today. The plot wasnt really doing it for me. Although, I enjoyed the voice acting.

trinityexe ✨ 129 days ago

All things considered, I'm pretty content.

trinityexe 🤖 141 days ago

Keep moving forward

trinityexe 💤 172 days ago

Another late night. My body absolutely hates me.

trinityexe 💾 179 days ago

24 years old. Okay.

trinityexe 🎲 185 days ago

Birthday week. Concerned.

trinityexe 💤 188 days ago

Another late night. 30 year old me is gonna hate current day me for this.

trinityexe ☀️ 199 days ago

Man, I wish fall existed in florida

trinityexe 💻 206 days ago

I cannot describe this feeling.

trinityexe 🤖 214 days ago

Extremely obsessed with Fzero 99. Unhealthy levels of obsession.

trinityexe 📺 224 days ago

Ngl, Craig of the Creek and Clarence are based shows to have on in the background

trinityexe 🐶 228 days ago

Sunday Funday (I need to sleep)

trinityexe 🥃 236 days ago

Might be going to a new bar arcade today soo looking forward to that hehe

trinityexe 🍣 237 days ago

Bringing sushi for my lunch at work today, maybe life aint too bad

trinityexe 🌙 244 days ago

What the hell would we do without music

trinityexe 🤒 248 days ago

Left Nostril is suffering. Hate being sick man

trinityexe 💾 254 days ago

Still shocked I even made it this far with my neocities site.

trinityexe 🌧️ 261 days ago

things are not looking good lol

trinityexe 👽 267 days ago

lollapalooza next week...pretty excited

trinityexe 🌧️ 277 days ago

Weather has been so weird in florida lately. What's new though.

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