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marcelle - 22 - she/he/they

this page is connected to my neocities!


traumagotchi 💾 46 days ago

my new job has been so fun but also so tiring bc i'm full time!!!! sorry i've been MIA!!!!!!!

traumagotchi 🥳 76 days ago

my name change went through marcelle is REAL

traumagotchi 👀 109 days ago

waiting on my legal name change to be approved

traumagotchi 🙂 131 days ago

i saw a funny fake anatomy of the heart diagram on tumblr and i can't stop laughing at "2nd left atrium"

traumagotchi ✨ 139 days ago

i am so cool and awesome anfd epic an

traumagotchi 🥳 141 days ago

operation marcelle profile is a go, friends! just got everything set up

traumagotchi 💻 141 days ago

testing stuff, don't mind me