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transfern 💾 1 day ago

im soooo fucking tired

transfern 😭 3 days ago

I've been trying to play the new mc update but my right click is broken

transfern 💾 5 days ago

Todays my one day off... I have to make it count

transfern 💾 6 days ago

I wonder if i'm buring myself out

transfern 😴 10 days ago

I'm... so tired. My job is NOT disability friendly.

transfern 🙃 12 days ago

That meme about probably being non-binary but not having the time, except it's a therian.

transfern 😴 15 days ago

:Didn't sleep because of bugs.

transfern 💾 18 days ago

Hoping this works right first time!

transfern 💻 18 days ago

Yay! A new widget for my homepage! :3