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Lately: ranting, a negative nancy


thymifolia 😡 538 days ago

i wish i could delete the laughing with tears emoji from the whole internet

thymifolia 👀 538 days ago

Sorry I started using this thing like a long form blog in multiple updates

thymifolia 🎲 538 days ago

I don't need to be intentionally difficult, that's petty. I just want to not have to accommodate when neither I or the person need to be.

thymifolia 🎲 538 days ago

I'm tired of being "nice" and cooperative. Sometimes I just want to let people struggle dealing with me, like I do with them.

thymifolia 🤖 538 days ago

Yeesh, I wish I didn't overanalyze things.

thymifolia 😡 538 days ago

ugh trolls, they don't even realize they're trolling because they forget people online aren't as carefree and careless as they are

thymifolia 💀 539 days ago

gdi I feel terrible

thymifolia 😯 540 days ago

I forgot to change the icons for the last few statuses omg

thymifolia 🙂 540 days ago

Well sorry I can't read people's minds

thymifolia 🙂 540 days ago

I always assume I'm the one who messed up. It's the only way for me to deal with uncertain social situations. By fawning.

thymifolia 🙂 540 days ago

This is why dealing with people makes me anxious. I always wonder, am I doing something wrong that they for some reason won't tell me?

thymifolia 🙂 540 days ago

Dealing with Dad is like constantly asking myself AITA. Can't I not have to walk on eggshells all the time?

thymifolia 🙂 540 days ago

I sure as hell didn't learn how to communicate from my parents. And they're still awful at it up to now.

thymifolia 💻 542 days ago

deleting the wretched blue bird app from my phone yet again

thymifolia 👀 547 days ago

nothing bad is currently happening at home, but I can't help anticipate something bad

thymifolia 🙃 550 days ago

i hope i don't get sick again this weekend, fingers crossed

thymifolia 💤 551 days ago

sleep-deprived and totally out of it

thymifolia 🫖 554 days ago

recovering from a bout of hyperacidity and dehydration this weekend

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