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i am a girl


theymightbefoxes 🌙 4 days ago

i went to a catholic elementary school and they made us play basketball. i guess what i'm trying to say is I Am Balling

theymightbefoxes 😡 12 days ago

i am soooo mad at pretty people on instagram grrrrrrrr

theymightbefoxes 🍕 14 days ago

i had a dream jeff rosenstock made brony music and he had an album that had rainbow dash on the cover

theymightbefoxes 🐱 14 days ago

we're all in this together, which feels so weird when i'm alone! because it's such a common feeling everybody seems to know!

theymightbefoxes 🔥 25 days ago

ohhh my god everyones making bloopy bloopies on the computer YES.