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thesolitarygamer 💡 81 days ago

im taken a CBD and i am in a good mood cuz of it, gonna work on my site soon just gonna continue working on my worldbuilding project first

thesolitarygamer 🙂 127 days ago

i have a raspberry pi that i want to do something with, one minute im thinking a NAS, another im thinking some fancy setup for radio, lol

thesolitarygamer 😶 138 days ago

today has been a day and i feel more tired than i should be...

thesolitarygamer 🤔 142 days ago

contemplating removing the visitor counter with a guestbook since who knows if the damn thing is even accurate lmao

thesolitarygamer ✏️ 153 days ago

project i am working on is coming along very nicely, I hope to unveil it soon~

thesolitarygamer ❤️ 166 days ago

i love deadly standing sm its such a goofy game

thesolitarygamer 🧀 189 days ago

Thinking about ramen with plenty of parm and buffalo sauce in it :3