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If I can make it pink, I will.


thepasteldyke 💔 6 days ago

love a good 'doomed by the narrative' ship

thepasteldyke 🎬 14 days ago

watching Conjuring: the devil made me do it and all I can think of around 37 minutes in is that they made the rats way too small lol

thepasteldyke 🐱 14 days ago

If Kalma didn't insist on kneading me in the fucking throat at 4am that'd be nice

thepasteldyke 🎶 28 days ago

got stuck in my head, tiny snipped of a song, on a loop: "remember, remember, hyoutei, we are still number one"

thepasteldyke 🌙 33 days ago

Can really tell what windows are hand blown now that I'm looking at three warped moons in the same pane.

thepasteldyke 🙃 40 days ago

why is youtube suddenly translating a random assortment of video titles into swedish when my browser is set to english? search page only tho

thepasteldyke 👀 44 days ago

one of my oldest livejournal accounts turned 17 today apparently. been a while since the LJ days.

thepasteldyke 🐱 44 days ago

Kalma is being awfully chatty for someone who said no to cuddles

thepasteldyke 🐱 51 days ago

thought the loud 'bwaummm' was a sound effect in the video I was watching, but no, it was my cat Kalma stepping on the piano I forgot to lid

thepasteldyke ✨ 56 days ago

what i should be doing: con crunch. what I'm doing: watching tenimyu

thepasteldyke ✨ 59 days ago

I wanna play the Peach game so bad but I decided I can't til I'm done with my con prep so I have. Actually gotten some shit done.

thepasteldyke 😛 60 days ago

apparently 'Scandicore' is a thing? As a Scandinavian, does that make anything I wear aesthetic?

thepasteldyke 💀 62 days ago

onedrive mitt hatobjekt. hatar. trodde jag blitt av med skiten men icke. fy fan.

thepasteldyke 💀 62 days ago

so is onedrive gonna do the same as Photobucket& spam me with emails every day now that Im not paying for it anmore cus it sureseems like it

thepasteldyke 💤 65 days ago

sleepy bitch mode activated, don't know how to disengage.

thepasteldyke 🐱 71 days ago

Njord is very torn rn - she's pissed at me for trimming her back claws, but she's happy she got some nice ham and wants me to give her more.

thepasteldyke 👀 75 days ago

i have been informed that Runescape classic exists. hello???? hell yeah let's party like it's 2003

thepasteldyke 👀 78 days ago

ah fuck i have tenimyu gekokujo stuck in my brain dow (gekokujo daze, tsuuuubuuuseeee)

thepasteldyke ✨ 81 days ago

What I should be doing: work on cosplay or go to bed. What I'm doing instead: reorganising my fabric shelves.

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