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If I can make it pink, I will.


thepasteldyke 🙃 6 hours ago

If anyone knows anywhere like codepen or jsfiddle where you can make private codes for free, please lmk cus I'm having no luck

thepasteldyke 💤 15 hours ago

Considering memory and sleep are connected, no wonder my memory is shit - I've had insomnia for +15 years.

thepasteldyke 🙃 10 days ago

i keep telling myself i need to focus on finishing the fics that are WIPs as the year ends but I keep starting new ones instead. Whoops.

thepasteldyke 🐱 14 days ago

Njord kuttrar och tigger chokladbollssmet den lilla tokan

thepasteldyke 👀 16 days ago

tempted to make a little Yoyo doll from Psyren... especially since I cosplay Kabuto lol

thepasteldyke 🐱 17 days ago

hehehe, I'm holding hands with Njord.

thepasteldyke 💀 17 days ago

after so many years you'd think twitch would've added a way to test your stream without having to make a separate account for it

thepasteldyke 💡 18 days ago

using iframe is really gonna make my life easier when updating fanfic series. don't have to update in as many places as before.

thepasteldyke 😂 20 days ago

the dude in chapter 68 of marriagetoxin... i can't believe... i'm laughing so hard at the jack the ripper thing wtf is that

thepasteldyke 🐱 21 days ago

I have one of those bed tables from ikea, and there in the cramped space between it and my lap, Njord likes to squish herself. Must be cozy.

thepasteldyke 🙃 21 days ago

finally remembered the existence of a div that was overriding what I was trying to do in my code lmao (finally what i wanted works!)

thepasteldyke ✨ 23 days ago

i wanna eat melonpan so bad but the only way to get it in my country afaik is to make it myself and it takes so long

thepasteldyke 🙃 25 days ago

the files i DLed that claim to be for windows 7 are actually vista... directly off intel's own website. tf

thepasteldyke 💀 25 days ago

there is 100% something living in my walls. I can hear them walking around right behind my head. rats, probably. Gotta love old houses.

thepasteldyke 🙂 25 days ago

why tf does windows' old catalog of updates list 32 as x86? i had to look it up to figure out that's what 86 is. never seen that before ngl

thepasteldyke 🐱 26 days ago

when you have a cat in your lap long enough that you kinda forget and suddenly there's a paw grabbing your boob

thepasteldyke 🙂 26 days ago

gmaps straightup lying like "your review has been viewed X times" when i've never in my life left a review with google

thepasteldyke ☀️ 28 days ago

Someone in the neighbourhood has decorated the inside of their chicken coop with fairy lights. Cute.

thepasteldyke 🧐 29 days ago

Photobucket has been telling me they're gonna delete my account for inactivity for years now. Bud, do it already, its been like 5 years atp

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