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Hey, I'm Louie! Welcome to my little digital journal.


themby 🙂 97 days ago

Work week is over and I don't even feel that tired.

themby ❤️ 114 days ago

The trees and bushes are blossoming. Spring is here, finally!

themby 😭 130 days ago

The trouble with starting the LotR films is I'm never the same person when I finish them.

themby 🤐 143 days ago

Anxiety will really have me saying things like 'am I bothering a friend by contacting them?' even though they said they wanted me to.

themby 😂 166 days ago

One of my workplaces is encouraging staff to visit other visitor attractions for research and have suggested my other workplace lmao!!

themby 😡 170 days ago

So tired of working twice as hard as everyone else for all my efforts to once again count for nothing.

themby 😭 175 days ago

A child at work told me she loved me. The world is such a beautiful place.

themby 😶 179 days ago

Hate being offered an interview for a job I applied for..

themby 🤒 201 days ago

Asked the universe to grant me a reason not to go back to work today and it gave me Covid. Be careful what you wish for...

themby 💻 231 days ago

Coding again, finally! Planning a whole redo of the site when I get the time.

themby 😎 419 days ago

You would not believe how productive I'm being knowing that Tears of the Kingdom is sitting there unopened on the living room table.

themby 😴 426 days ago

Three days off work and I've literally done nothing.

themby 🙂 461 days ago

Things have been really mental with the new job at the moment (in a good way!) so updates to the site may not be as regular.

themby 😶 466 days ago

Starting my new job tomorrow.

themby 🥳 467 days ago

Only one more day left at my current job!

themby 🙃 472 days ago

No more emails or phone calls please. This week's social battery is used up.

themby 💻 478 days ago

Wanted to update the site this weekend, but there's a lot to do and I'm not feeling 100% so might have to delay it.

themby 🥹 479 days ago

Love that there's an emoji that accurately depicts how I look staring at my computer screen despite the alkaline burns on my eyes.

themby 😭 480 days ago

Ended up in hospital this morning after having the cats' flea treatment squirted directly into my eyes. It's not funny, but it is.

themby 🥳 483 days ago

It's my birthday! Happy Birthday me!

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