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themby 💻 4 days ago

Wanted to update the site this weekend, but there's a lot to do and I'm not feeling 100% so might have to delay it.

themby 🥹 5 days ago

Love that there's an emoji that accurately depicts how I look staring at my computer screen despite the alkaline burns on my eyes.

themby 😭 6 days ago

Ended up in hospital this morning after having the cats' flea treatment squirted directly into my eyes. It's not funny, but it is.

themby 🥳 9 days ago

It's my birthday! Happy Birthday me!

themby 🌈 12 days ago

It's my birthday on Monday so I might do something fun with the site. I also have some really exciting personal news to share soon.

themby 😴 13 days ago

So sleepy tired but at least I'm not back at work until Tuesday.

themby 🙂 17 days ago

Finally gonna give this thing a go!