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thecreature 🌈 165 days ago

First week of post-nano editing done here's to 24 more days in january

thecreature 🌙 167 days ago

Dark academia kids were onto smt when romanticising hard study bc all i feel rn is being annoyed (exams soon)

thecreature 🌙 168 days ago

think im just gonna call it a day and have some snacks and then just head to bed and read

thecreature 🌧️ 168 days ago

dont feel like studying or being productive, dont feel like doing hobbies, so im sort of doing nothing. meh

thecreature 🌈 169 days ago

Doing five things at the same time but dungeon synth calms my brain jitters!!

thecreature 🌙 169 days ago

Editing my novel and my brain works much bettr now im not writing 1k/day who could have guessed. truly there is life beyond nano

thecreature 🌙 171 days ago

Decided im gonna spend 30 mins editing every day in january but wanted to skip already bc im hungover but did it anyway! yay for discipline

thecreature 🌙 175 days ago

Writing an extensive design analysis for julius belmont for my shrine<3

thecreature 🌧️ 175 days ago

I love having a job. I hate working a job. you know how it is

thecreature 🙃 176 days ago

This lady tells me shell call tomorrow morning so i have a broken night bc i keep dreaming abt phone sounds and now its noon and no call

thecreature 🌙 177 days ago

Julius shrine alllllmost finished just gotta rewrite my design analysis and add some theories and headcanons

thecreature 🌙 178 days ago

I should study but all i wanna do is look at castlevania images and think about julius belmont

thecreature 🌙 178 days ago

Possessed by a new idea what if i make vampire killer charms from chains and beads

thecreature 😴 180 days ago

Survived long enough to reach christmas break im gonna sleep for 3 days lets goooo

thecreature 🤩 182 days ago

About to become a hairband guy again after 6 years of being normal

thecreature 🌧️ 187 days ago

fighting for my life 14 pages deep in the epigenetics paper its already getting dark outside and ive only been up for 4 hours

thecreature ❄️ 188 days ago

back in my golden kamuy phase

thecreature 🌙 190 days ago

If nobody got me, i know at least blind melon got me... Anyway I wish i had a mango... (fruits unrelated)

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