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thecreature 🌈 16 days ago

just found a site with FLAC downloads for obscure porcupine tree bootlegs life is beautiful some of these arent even on youtube

thecreature 🙂 20 days ago

In life im just a wayward stickbug getting forcefemmed in gods tblocker case

thecreature ✨ 26 days ago

the creature returns. site updates soon

thecreature 🌧️ 32 days ago

Am i enjoying myself a normal amount? What is a normal amount of enjoyment for activities anyway?

thecreature 🙂 38 days ago

tormented by annoying people. but i stay polite:)

thecreature 🌙 41 days ago

sometimes its just you and your timestamped house md whump list excel file against the wordl

thecreature 🌙 41 days ago

''taking a rest day'', I say, while actively working on multiple tasks

thecreature ❤️ 45 days ago

god i love my bike. where would i be without it

thecreature 😶 46 days ago

trying so hard to enjoy the things i do. succeeding moderately.

thecreature 🌙 47 days ago

finally using my beautiful new hobby knife today high key in love with this thing

thecreature 🌙 48 days ago

1999 demon castle war day is over so now I must deal with the bitter realities of life, like unpacking boxes

thecreature 🌙 49 days ago

Julius shrine updated in honor of 1999 Demon Castle War Day!! (I will not shut up over this)

thecreature 🌙 49 days ago

The creature returns to the cringe cave... Happy 1999 Demon Castle War 24th anniversary day everyone!

thecreature 🌙 52 days ago

Am offline until august 11, which is just in time for the 24th anniversary of Julius Belmont slaying Drac in the 1999 demon castle war<3

thecreature ✏️ 52 days ago

Got the perfect artist hobby knife, stainless steel handle and angled blades for better view of my paper. Its so beautiful my god

thecreature 📺 53 days ago

If you've never seen Knightriders (1981) go watch it right now do yourself a favor

thecreature 🌙 53 days ago

put furniture in a room today. Juste core tbh

thecreature 🌧️ 56 days ago

Realising more everyday that im genuinely not normal

thecreature 🍕 56 days ago

eating pasta straight from the pan because all my dishes are hidden somewhere in the carboard box mountain

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