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thecreature 🎶 10 hours ago

by day im a metalhead but when im home at night i cry to bonnie tyler and if more people admitted this the world would be a better place

thecreature 💻 15 hours ago

i love sorting algorithm videos bleep bleep bloop bloop

thecreature 🌈 12 days ago

novel editing is back on the agenda i swear ill get this done some day

thecreature 🌙 13 days ago

Me after any conscious and deliberate action: Wow i wonder where the river of life will wash me up next...

thecreature 💀 15 days ago

*after laying in bed for 15 hours * haha im so brave im facing the horrors today

thecreature 🌧️ 15 days ago

I can feel the depressive episode loading, about to retreat into my cave for a while

thecreature 🥗 19 days ago

love eating the same meal for 4 days (coconut milk noodle soup with green beans)

thecreature 🌧️ 21 days ago

spent hours trying to make a custom cursor work only to find i put only the a tag and not the body whyyyyyy

thecreature 💻 24 days ago

venturing into the css trenches again

thecreature 🌧️ 25 days ago

6 days on t and i still feel nothing. despair. why cant i become a bearded lumberjack immedeately

thecreature 💀 43 days ago

Finding out Acid Bath opened for Death in 1995 god wish i could have seen that but i was too busy being an unconceived hypothetical

thecreature ✅ 45 days ago

lucky im fine with calling people because i have to do it allll the time if i wanna get anything done

thecreature ❤️ 51 days ago

Guy im dating draws me as just Some Guy im so happy thats all i wanna be, happy he sees me as i am inside

thecreature 🌙 53 days ago

The fun of multiple-author poetry bundles is that it will have the most stunning and the most utter shit poem in the same book

thecreature 🌙 54 days ago

going to a public pool today, feeling like gods strongest transgender

thecreature 🌈 59 days ago

Breakfast smoothie with banana, cinnamon, rolled oats, peanut butter, instant coffee powder and oatmilk im unstoppable

thecreature 🌙 61 days ago

possessed by disco elysium

thecreature 🌈 62 days ago

Giving my oc nipple piercings because I deserve good things in life

thecreature 🌙 68 days ago

Reading about paragraph rules for the first time in all my 10+ years of writing auch

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