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teddyk 🙂 325 days ago

reading r/bpdlovedones made me feel sick. is that how people view me? an inconvenience or a horrible narcissistic bitch? i cannot win

teddyk 🐱 327 days ago

elon musk is a fat cunt

teddyk 🤖 328 days ago

dni if your name is lilith. fucking dumb name and i think you're all annoying as fuck

teddyk ✨ 341 days ago

ughh... i hate men who wear "sissy" fashion..,, stop sexualising women n femininity thx u 4 ur disgusting fetish ... T_T

teddyk ✏️ 343 days ago

if i ever have kids, i'll definitely homeschool them

teddyk 🍷 348 days ago

i want 2 beat idubbz 2 death with a rock

teddyk 🎨 351 days ago

rlly wanna sleep but also rlly wanna paint

teddyk 😯 351 days ago

i want 2 kill rupert murdoch, that cunt

teddyk ☀️ 351 days ago

the sidebar went funny

teddyk 😶 352 days ago

this is a local shop for local people... there's nothing for you here

teddyk 🤒 353 days ago

i think im dying

teddyk 💔 353 days ago

ughhhhhh started my period

teddyk 🌙 353 days ago

im not who i was 2 hrs ago

teddyk 😡 353 days ago


teddyk 🤩 354 days ago

gnna buy poppers

teddyk 😶 354 days ago

i used 2 b called a spaz even tho i don't have spastic diplega, so i'm not a spaz

teddyk 😡 356 days ago

i have a trust fund but i don't know how to get my money!! grr!!

teddyk 🥹 356 days ago

i rlly want a baby!!!!!!

teddyk 🌙 358 days ago

evil problematic angel

teddyk ✨ 358 days ago

i luv being a woman i luv having a uterus i luv that i can create life

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