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they/it 23 new here and to the indieweb in general not very good at coding yet :(


teddy 🥹 494 days ago

happy 20th anniversary to i brought you my bullets, you brought me your love<3

teddy ❤️ 574 days ago

feeling so much better

teddy 💀 577 days ago

havent had uninterrupted sleep in weeks but apparently i cant be upset about it

teddy 🤔 579 days ago

hope i can use this time to get better at coding as a distraction. its just so hard for me

teddy 😶 579 days ago

deleted twt again. i wish the internet still felt fun and not stressful. i want to get back. im trying to get back. i don't know how to get

teddy 🥰 583 days ago

new mars argo today so happy