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tealcrows 🐶 142 days ago

happy laika day :-(

tealcrows 💻 147 days ago

how do you use blender

tealcrows 🥱 151 days ago

really want soup

tealcrows 🎶 154 days ago

started welcome to night vale. why does the music fuck so hard

tealcrows 🧀 157 days ago

if i were a mouse i would literally fall for mousetraps sooooo easily

tealcrows ❤️ 162 days ago

i love you css pseudo-elements

tealcrows ✨ 168 days ago

i need people to know everything about me and also nothing all at once

tealcrows 💔 179 days ago

math class is killing me

tealcrows 🎶 185 days ago

doooo u remember

tealcrows ✨ 185 days ago

girling out so hard rn (aaugh)

tealcrows 🤖 186 days ago

my brain decided to be productive randomly. awesome

tealcrows 😭 188 days ago


tealcrows 🥱 192 days ago

feminine urge to bite and tear and kill during the last class of the day

tealcrows 🌳 193 days ago

been playing terraria with a friend. remembered video games are good

tealcrows ✨ 195 days ago

think i have covid again. yikes

tealcrows ❤️ 215 days ago

playing stardew in the dark :]

tealcrows 😯 218 days ago

wildkratts is still going????

tealcrows 🤔 222 days ago

ok fine i might buy wobbledogs.

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