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Biggus' (she/her) previous statuses..✩


taterinx ✨ 2 days ago

The new Spiderverse movie was actually crazy good, what the hell???

taterinx ❤️ 3 days ago

Bereavement flashbacks hit so my partner treated me to Bluey and brownies <3

taterinx 💤 21 days ago

Still on hiatus, but I'm feeling good - need to blog sometime soon

taterinx 🙂 29 days ago

Going on a temporary hiatus to work on some projects - see you, Space Cowboy

taterinx 😭 30 days ago

It's always so nice to heal from the crappiest toe curling mouth ulcer

taterinx 🌙 31 days ago

I will continue to let time slip from my fingers - I love slipping out of time

taterinx 😯 32 days ago

Got my tattoo done today! Designed by me, will share a pic once healed

taterinx ✈️ 33 days ago

Time is so out of my reach, I keep oversleeping and daydreaming

taterinx 🙂 34 days ago

I'm really happy with the state of this site - this has been so fun, damn

taterinx 🌧️ 35 days ago

Fletch bought me so many goodies to help with my cramps, bless him <333

taterinx 😶 36 days ago

Summatives due the 15th, 25th, and 30th, and I've done nothing yet???

taterinx 💤 37 days ago

Saw an anonymous confession about me on our uni's confessions board

taterinx ✏️ 38 days ago

Finally put in my manifesto to be publicity officer! Fingers crossed...

taterinx 🌧️ 39 days ago

Getting back into the groove of things is so... So hard! Man :(

taterinx 🤒 44 days ago

Caught a cold just as the Easter break ends. Cool. Thanks for that

taterinx 💾 46 days ago

Trying to get html tabs to work - not good so far

taterinx 💤 47 days ago

I need to stop relying on a poptart to carry me through till dinner

taterinx 😴 48 days ago

House viewing after house viewing after house viewing after after after

taterinx 🤒 51 days ago

My heads been hurting lots, hoping it's temporary. Drink water!

taterinx 🙂 53 days ago

Walked to the park during sunset today, omg?> Cute??/

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