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taterinx 🙂 71 days ago

I need to buy bread and make myself some banging French toast, I miss it so much

taterinx 💀 74 days ago

The Christmas period is always so TENSE raaah

taterinx 👀 86 days ago

Mum homemade brownies and cookies for us to take home <3

taterinx 💻 89 days ago

University tasks: screenplay and digital zine ARG; site hiatus needed

taterinx ❄️ 90 days ago

Cookie Clicker has consumed me for the gazillionth time

taterinx 🎮 91 days ago

Finally finished my Neocities V2 site jeeesus!

taterinx 😴 105 days ago

So sleepy eepy, ever so, snuggest bug ever ever ever snug

taterinx 👀 140 days ago

Scarlet didn't need a radio edit overhaul, Spotify

taterinx 🙂 142 days ago

Off the GOOP mega mega goopy gooped gooping gooper MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

taterinx 😭 161 days ago

Just had to splurge £30 on an XP Pen stylus replacement MY WALLET AHHHH

taterinx 🙂 169 days ago

Finally getting to clean the goblin cave the stinky goblin cave ewie

taterinx 🙂 179 days ago

Trying to grow my nails looong super looong hehe big claws rawr

taterinx 😭 187 days ago

Supes busy as of late, what the hell is in the August air? Busy, busy, busy--

taterinx 🙂 228 days ago

So MUCH has happened. So much noise. So much going on. Crawling in my skinxox

taterinx 😭 248 days ago

No more assignments... But now the crippling uncertainty on if I passed

taterinx ✨ 267 days ago

The new Spiderverse movie was actually crazy good, what the hell???

taterinx ❤️ 267 days ago

Bereavement flashbacks hit so my partner treated me to Bluey and brownies <3

taterinx 💤 286 days ago

Still on hiatus, but I'm feeling good - need to blog sometime soon

taterinx 🙂 294 days ago

Going on a temporary hiatus to work on some projects - see you, Space Cowboy

taterinx 😭 295 days ago

It's always so nice to heal from the crappiest toe curling mouth ulcer

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