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tarocchilla 🤒 462 days ago

Crippling everskies addiction

tarocchilla ✨ 463 days ago

Staring at KarsDio directly

tarocchilla 💀 465 days ago

clip studio paint why are you betraying me backstabbing me killing me like this i trusted you.....

tarocchilla 🤒 466 days ago

I should really fix the code for my website with all the new things i learned

tarocchilla 💀 468 days ago

hyperfocused on 3d modeling...sorry

tarocchilla 🍕 475 days ago

I made a pizza in a wooden oven today, it was so fun and smelled delicious!

tarocchilla 🍔 478 days ago

Went to my fav vegan burger store today and the bun was extra crispy - and i even got student discount!

tarocchilla 🥳 479 days ago

10,000 visitors???? HELLOO

tarocchilla 🧐 479 days ago

My molds are growing well, fascinating!!! oh, to be a fungus...

tarocchilla 😭 479 days ago

I need a good RSS feed reader but nothing satisfyes me

tarocchilla 🐱 483 days ago

My cat is a real cutie- always makes me smile

tarocchilla 🍾 486 days ago

Excited about posting my first recipe!

tarocchilla 🥗 486 days ago

Cooked some delicious green beans chips and meatballs!

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