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taenicauda ✨ 14 days ago

geez i havent animated in over a year basically. im having a lot of fun ive just been in such a block....

taenicauda 😴 17 days ago

i have a lot of stuff to do and no will to do it >_<

taenicauda 🌈 27 days ago

my friend slept over last night and im really happy. going to work on my comic and study swahili now <3

taenicauda ❤️ 29 days ago

announced my comic publicly and started illustrating tonight! thisll be an interesting endeavor, idk what to expect fully

taenicauda 🙂 37 days ago

getting the tickets for my trip was really stressful >_< ive got em now though, now i just wait until june!

taenicauda ✨ 46 days ago

summer break begins <3 im really excited for all my plans this year!!

taenicauda ✏️ 49 days ago

finals week is chill as hell this year makes me feel like im forgetting something

taenicauda 🌈 56 days ago

started planning the comic i want to run over the summer! having a lot of fun already <3

taenicauda 🌙 58 days ago

i dont even know whats going on anymore

taenicauda ☀️ 74 days ago

registered for a summer class :p as a kid id hate that but i hate not having school now

taenicauda 🎨 76 days ago

finally burnt out after drawing a full piece nearly everyday for 3 weeks WAHOO!

taenicauda 🌈 79 days ago

i thought it was Fucking Over like 2 days ago but im feeling pretty good now :3

taenicauda 🎶 82 days ago

found a music artist with the same name as my oc (its a weird name lol. calendula. a flower) and the songs they feature on are pretty good.

taenicauda 😭 83 days ago

they should make hyperfixations illegal so i can actually get college work done

taenicauda 🌈 88 days ago

just got back from seeing glass beach with one of my longtime discord friends & made friends w a new person too! hell yeah

taenicauda 😭 93 days ago

i cannot believe i hetalia relapsed in the year of 2024

taenicauda 🌧️ 100 days ago

need spring break to be over asap

taenicauda 🌈 105 days ago

im graduated from highschool. free forever!!!!!

taenicauda 🌈 113 days ago

calling my friends is the best part of my day shoutout my friends

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