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sweettea 🌧️ 73 days ago

It’s all cloudy and windy, such a cozy day.

sweettea 🎤 90 days ago


sweettea ☕️ 90 days ago

Today was insanely productive. I had three cups of coffee though. I don't recommend it.

sweettea 🎨 94 days ago

Getting back into my drawing rhythm! It feels good to draw. Sometimes I’m not sure what to make though!

sweettea 💡 100 days ago

I’ve turned into a gym girl. For real. I love the gym.

sweettea ☕️ 107 days ago

A cold rainy day, perfect for doing some cooking and coding.

sweettea ❤️ 111 days ago

Finally catching up on my journal entries, it feels good to write and remember how wonderful 2023 was.

sweettea 🌱 147 days ago

A new year and a fresh start! Happy new year!

sweettea 📖 193 days ago

They didn’t have the first warrior books at half price books so I got Fellowship of the Ring instead. Very good cozy read!

sweettea 🤔 194 days ago

The sudden and inexplicable urge to reread the warrior cats books ….

sweettea 🌱 198 days ago

It feels good to make art and to live.

sweettea ✨ 202 days ago

Can’t wait to go home and play rune factory on my switch!

sweettea 💻 206 days ago

Pixel art is so fun, it feels like digital embroidery! … Maybe I need to learn how to embroider next!

sweettea 🌧️ 211 days ago

It's cold and rainy here, perfect weather for writing!

sweettea ☕️ 226 days ago

My husband and I finally found a good coffee shop near us, it’s so fun to hang out there and write. And the coffee is just wonderful. 💕

sweettea ❤️ 241 days ago

"Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!" - Psalm 107:1 (ESV)

sweettea 😭 246 days ago

Writing has been essentially stopped because of issues with my thumbs. (I type all my novels on my phone) Hoping I can fix that soon.

sweettea ☕️ 262 days ago


sweettea 💻 262 days ago

I want to learn 3d modeling so baaaaaaad

sweettea ❤️ 268 days ago

I’m so blessed to be around so many people who love me and I love back. My husband, my family, my friends.

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