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sweetlovinglies 🙂 13 days ago

Japan was awesome! 10/10 would recommend.

sweetlovinglies 🌈 62 days ago

Burn out will never get the best of me >:)

sweetlovinglies 🌈 99 days ago

Went to a rave event yesterday and had a ton of fun AAAAA

sweetlovinglies 🌈 147 days ago

Think I'm just going to use a cosmetic emoji for this. I think that is what everyone else is doing.

sweetlovinglies 👀 148 days ago

Does anyone know how to remove the emoji from the status on Neocities? Because it's kind of annoying to look at lmao

sweetlovinglies 🙂 160 days ago

Massive bursts of energy at 9pm at night is so me-core.

sweetlovinglies 😎 169 days ago

Slowly working myself out of my anxiety!

sweetlovinglies 🙂 171 days ago

Current events are... quite sad over here.