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Lets paint the sky with stars!


supernova 🌈 5 days ago

feelin artsy today :D

supernova 😶 11 days ago

i feel horrible rn

supernova 🥳 12 days ago

almost done with the about page! Also, just got to 50 neocities followers!!

supernova 💤 14 days ago

school just ended and I'm so tired...

supernova 😡 15 days ago

my friend just told me two kids broke their glasses and I am so mad

supernova 🙃 15 days ago

don't you love it when your brain thinks of worst-case scenarios

supernova 🥳 15 days ago

still coding the about page. its going well!

supernova 💻 15 days ago

ive been coding all day while working on my site's about page

supernova ✨ 15 days ago

First time using this!! Hi!