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superkirbylover 🤐 244 days ago

left the dsides team last night on my own accord. sucks but it be how it be

superkirbylover 🍞 289 days ago

commissions are OPEN BABBYYYYY. let's get this fucking bread

superkirbylover 💻 327 days ago

updated the challengedd psych port and am working on an undertale mod i forgot about

superkirbylover 💻 327 days ago

currently updating my ChallengEdd psych port to fix the camera and other minor details!

superkirbylover 😶 369 days ago

slowly feeling a bit better. not sure about what i'll do regarding college and if i'll reapply or not

superkirbylover 💔 391 days ago

yeah so about college... i got academically dismissed and my appeal was denied. feeling absolutely horrible

superkirbylover 🥹 413 days ago

college is ALMOST over i am ALMOST done with this workload PLEASE let it be done

superkirbylover 🌈 434 days ago

currently revamping the site to fit with the new look, much happier with it now

superkirbylover 🤔 436 days ago

thinking of re-doing my site a bit. i like how it looks but i'd like for it to look a bit older, like those old bbs forums

superkirbylover 💻 498 days ago

slowly learning javascript through reading "javascript & jquery" by jon duckett, really makes things more understandable

superkirbylover 🙂 511 days ago

as i fiddle around with my site and polish / add smaller things to it, i realize i'm putting off learning javascript. my ass is intimidated

superkirbylover 🎮 523 days ago

have been replaying ttyd again in order to make a shrine page for it. i love this game

superkirbylover ❤️ 529 days ago

starting classes again tomorrow, thank god i still have wednesday off