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28, web designer, loves mac and cheese and brownies


sunnymuffins 🙃 105 days ago

We ordered some protein shake mix and the delivery lady ran off with it. xD

sunnymuffins 💔 113 days ago

Missing the look and feel of Chrome c. 2012.

sunnymuffins 🧀 184 days ago

craving macaroni and cheese something awful...

sunnymuffins 🎨 260 days ago

Feeling creative and hopeful!

sunnymuffins 🥺 349 days ago

Can't get my .ogg file (that's hosted elsewhere, so I don't see why it's a problem) to play on my neocities. :(

sunnymuffins 😎 350 days ago

I am really making progress in learning and applying css. This is so much more fun than the css classes ever were. <3

sunnymuffins 🤒 437 days ago

Anybody know how to get tested for covid without putting everyone else at risk? It could also be the flu but that shit sucks too.

sunnymuffins 🙂 439 days ago

Just discovered fanlistings, so if you need me, just don't need me.

sunnymuffins 🙂 447 days ago

Got new plates and tags for my car so I celebrated by spending even more money on Starbucks and a new pink plushy steering wheel cover. <3

sunnymuffins 👽 453 days ago

Looking forward to the alien invasion of 2022. I hope they like my macaroni and cheese. I use shells. :3