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Hey, I’m Summer, your local Mortal Kombat expert and SubScorp enthusiast.

I write fanfic, draw fanart and generally fangirl. :)


summer 🙃 4 days ago

It’s that time of year where all I can think is “I wish I was at ComicCon”

summer 💔 4 days ago

I’ve made the best decision for myself and my mental health, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a hard decision and that I can’t be sad about it.

summer ✨ 9 days ago

I held a tiny little chick today TTOTT

summer ✏️ 9 days ago

I’m having so much fun writing this college AU omg TT_TT

summer 🤔 11 days ago

I kinda can’t believe this username wasn’t taken, but anyway…