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sugarhiccup 🌙 27 days ago

up and over, and far away..

sugarhiccup 🙂 54 days ago

I pray that therapy, medication and focusing on hobbies takes me out of the pits of hell.

sugarhiccup 🥱 55 days ago

Turn me loose, set me free.

sugarhiccup 💾 55 days ago

Thinking of my emotions makes me feel like an onion that's being unraveled.. there's layers to this shit.

sugarhiccup 🌧️ 55 days ago

Was dreaming that my crush and I were laying in a bed of flowers in Switzerland and then I woke up to the beautiful sound of thunder.

sugarhiccup 🌙 96 days ago

The world winked for us to spin out

sugarhiccup 🙂 105 days ago

I am DTC (down to clown)

sugarhiccup 🎲 105 days ago

If anyone knows anything about anything lmk!

sugarhiccup 💾 115 days ago

miss my ex so much it makes me sick to my core wish I could relieve 2017 all over again

sugarhiccup 🥰 135 days ago

Going on a date with a cutie pie:3

sugarhiccup ❤️ 138 days ago

it's been tooooo real

sugarhiccup 🥰 148 days ago

Tweety Bird so cute I wanna hug him

sugarhiccup 🍞 148 days ago

Runny eggs, bacon and toast remains undefeated

sugarhiccup 🙃 149 days ago

how is my skin dry but greasy at the same time -.-

sugarhiccup 🙂 150 days ago

it's almost like being sad feels comforting

sugarhiccup 🥱 150 days ago

what does anything gotta do w me all I do is chill

sugarhiccup 🙂 151 days ago

I want to fall so deeply in love this year