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sugarangel 🐶 186 days ago

weekend!!! so happy i dont have school for 3 whole days!!!

sugarangel 💤 189 days ago

almost summer! so excited :3

sugarangel 🌙 369 days ago

so sleepy... i wish all my responsibilities could go away... zz..z...

sugarangel 🌙 443 days ago

im still in england, im having a good time but i cant go to some of the things i wanted to visit bc of the queens death. ;;

sugarangel 💤 459 days ago

im getting better at math but ive had a horrible stomach ache all day and cant eat anything

sugarangel ✨ 460 days ago

i really want some cocoa puffs :(

sugarangel ✨ 469 days ago

less than a month until i visit england!

sugarangel 💤 469 days ago

sleepy... still coding tho </3

sugarangel 💤 469 days ago

bought a cute blue skirt from amazon and im praying it looks okay

sugarangel 🌧️ 469 days ago

got back from thrifting and bought a beanie baby!!

sugarangel 🙂 470 days ago


sugarangel 📺 470 days ago

rewatching bojack horseman

sugarangel 🐱 470 days ago

finally figured out how to use status cafe ;;