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Chronically fatigued transgender internet robotgirl


subspaceember 💀 63 days ago

hghhghhhghghhhghhhhgh i hate everything overstimulation sunday

subspaceember 😭 72 days ago

it's so hard not giving up on things immediately :(

subspaceember 🙃 74 days ago

i feel weird n gross but it's ok

subspaceember 💀 107 days ago

conversations with my mom make me want to die :(

subspaceember 😭 111 days ago

I dumped my oatmeal all over the place, today sucks so much ;_;

subspaceember 🙂 114 days ago

gotta go do labs today, but i can do it, i'm gonna do it

subspaceember 🙂 117 days ago

I'm doing okay today for once, working on the new website banner a bit and might check out the new stardew update when that comes out >.<

subspaceember 🤒 119 days ago

throat hurts a lot and i didn't sleep well :(

subspaceember 🤒 122 days ago

owiee headache but also playing balatro

subspaceember 🐱 125 days ago

felt real horrible this morning but am doing some better and have been playing ffxiv and working on my website banner

subspaceember 🌧️ 128 days ago

going to a EB in FFXIV today, but generally feeling depressed :/

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