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just trying to be me and just trying to live


strwbrry 🎤 5 days ago

vocaloid brainrot

strwbrry 💾 7 days ago

I am almost done with school registrations and i am proud of myself for that!

strwbrry 💻 10 days ago

Data is super slow and no more WiFi at home :9 I just go to library to code when I can lol. PERSONAL LIFE is super busy tho

strwbrry 📺 34 days ago

Gonna start watching New Movies again soon!

strwbrry 🏂 41 days ago

I forgot my password haha 😞

strwbrry 🌱 135 days ago

Been feeling kinda bad recently. My mental health feels like it is dwindling but i am trying my best to push through. I am trying tbh..

strwbrry 🍔 156 days ago

Guess who did not wake up on time for class again.... Meee.. Man i hate getting up

strwbrry 💤 157 days ago

God i hate school so much i can not keep up

strwbrry ✈️ 162 days ago

I feel like i am falling apart and just walking around like a ghost or zombie but i also feel like a background character i dunno.

strwbrry 🌱 162 days ago

feeling like i am falling apart atp

strwbrry ✏️ 169 days ago

Sometimes I need to understand that my actions can lead to outbursts and anger. I need to work on a lot of things that are personal.

strwbrry 🎱 221 days ago

i have like really bad habits that i always say i "need to break out of" but then go back to doing said bad habit

strwbrry 🌱 225 days ago

sometimes i find i wish i grew up a bit different, as in mentally. Like why can i not just move tf on from things.

strwbrry 📺 254 days ago

i hope i keep growing as a person

strwbrry 💾 276 days ago

i am so so so tired of school and my environment. It all feels like it is slowly killing me tbh

strwbrry 🌱 400 days ago

almost done all my work i got one more thing to do and i am done yipppe

strwbrry 💻 405 days ago

very unmotivated right now. I feel exhausted

strwbrry 🌧️ 406 days ago

feeling unmotivated lately and very overworked

strwbrry ❤️ 437 days ago

i went out with boyfriend on sunday!! yayay