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hey there, my name is strawberry! excited to express myself through a thousand different digital means and learn how to code.


strawberry 🙂 77 days ago

advice on how to stop cringing at everything you've ever done in your life, thanks

strawberry 💔 205 days ago

does anyone have any adhd advice for finally getting organized ;-;

strawberry 🙃 218 days ago

have been absolutely slacking on my website, i know it'll bring me so much joy but i keep procrastinating. need an accountability buddyyy

strawberry ❤️ 227 days ago

seeing an irl friend for the first time in what feels like a thousand years, finally learning how to open up to people who love me ;-;

strawberry 😴 235 days ago

so seepy but so craving dopamine ,,, who will win

strawberry 🥰 236 days ago

aaaa finally made a very, very basic homepage for my website to learn html basics! can't wait to keep deep diving and learning more :')