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ey/em adult
  • uni student studying psychology
  • rly just an online weirdo here to have fun
  • check out my site and i'll check yours!


strangeklug 🌧️ 11 days ago

feeling discouraged and scared. between politics and sudden health problems, idk what to do anymore

strangeklug ✏️ 20 days ago

new blog post is available! a short paper i wrote for school about the ethics of microexpression theory.

strangeklug ✨ 23 days ago

rearranged my room at home today! once it's decorated and cleaned up, i hope i can post some pictures.

strangeklug 🌙 25 days ago

moved out from my dorm today...and just got back home...feeling sad, exhausted, but looking forward to moving back in fall

strangeklug 🤐 27 days ago

finished my exam, not feeling too confident about it though :(

strangeklug ☕ 28 days ago

Grabbing breakfast and reviewing for my exam later 📝

strangeklug 🌙 28 days ago

looks like i couldn't resist making a few more updates to my site. and now i'm off to bed for sure 💤

strangeklug 😴 28 days ago

finally got my approved! getting ready for bed though. i've got an exam tomorrow. 💤