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Hey there! I'm Storm! I have no idea how I wanna style this
Female pronouns preferred but I don't care that much


stormeko 😴 25 days ago

I wanna change my layout and color scheme but I have no ideas aaaaaaaa send help

stormeko 🎮 94 days ago

I feel kinda bad I haven't been updating my site. Etrian Odyssey is addicting

stormeko 🎮 115 days ago

I finished MMBN6 so now idk what to hyperfixate on next

stormeko 🙂 117 days ago

When I figure out how to code tabs I'm gonna clean up so many pages

stormeko ✏️ 118 days ago

Someone come make me work on OC stories or site profiles please

stormeko 🌧️ 126 days ago

With the world maps done idk what to do next. Maybe I can make my code more semantic? I do need to add sections

stormeko 😎 128 days ago

Finished one of my OC world maps! Now I gotta do the other. I'm happy with how it turned out ^w^

stormeko 🐱 128 days ago

Just started using this. Let's see if I can figure out how to style the widget