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starling 🌙 5 hours ago

Dont you dare

starling 😶 3 days ago

Literally speechless wh-

starling 🌙 5 days ago

Not feeling too great today but at least i'll get to see you happy again

starling 🌙 7 days ago

My head hurts so much but i have to keep writing augh

starling 🌧️ 11 days ago

Had a really cool dream and I wish I could go back and live in that reality instead

starling 🌧️ 12 days ago

I feel so unsafe everywhere rn, I wish I could feel like I'm safe and at home again, don't have a single thing for comfort currently guhh,,

starling 🌧️ 13 days ago

Everything hurts so much and it's so lovely to know there's nothing I can do about it on my own

starling 💀 14 days ago

Sleeping isn't enough I need to open my brain up and stir it around like soup

starling 🌧️ 15 days ago

So tired and overstimulated that even lying down in bed is too much,, i wanna cry

starling ✨ 20 days ago

god what a lovely end to the week actually

starling 🌙 21 days ago

Damn wouldn't it be nice if i could explain myself

starling 🎲 22 days ago

Oh yeah im sick now too thats great

starling 💔 23 days ago

It hurts so fucking bad still and I can do absolutely nothing about it what am I even meant to do anymore

starling 🌧️ 23 days ago

Today is a sobbing my fucking eyes out day again

starling 🌙 24 days ago

Kicking my feet coz second hand happiness

starling ✨ 26 days ago

i got the vinyl we are so fucking back

starling 🌧️ 26 days ago

Oh wow okay owch where'd that wave of sadness come from wtf

starling ✨ 27 days ago

a distraction for a bit we ball

starling 🌧️ 28 days ago

It's so bad again today

starling 🌙 28 days ago

I've been running on such little energy for weeks and there's no way for me to refill it and it sucks a lot actually

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