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the name's video!
my website is verrry much a work in progress >_<;; still not entirely sure what to have on it! you can also find me on tumblr here!


starline 💻 46 days ago

working on my spacehey profile lol

starline 😶 287 days ago

in secret santa hell. oopsie daisy

starline 🥳 406 days ago

working on a 3d model for my sibling's birthday ^_^ yippee

starline 🌧️ 409 days ago

ahh. devils and torment

starline 🥳 419 days ago

my 3d models of idw sonic characters have been turning out good so far!! and i finished the fossil section of the museum in acnh ^_^

starline 💻 428 days ago

auuuu.. i love computer

starline 🥳 432 days ago

made a LOT of progress on my website! i still need to work on making other pages, but i have the css how i want it for the most part! ^_^;

starline 🤖 432 days ago

getting so fucking much done on my site YAYYYY it looks so good so far ^_^

starline 😵 433 days ago

ahhh i need to make my site look better. it is ASS rn!

starline 😴 434 days ago

applied for a couple more jobs. hopefully things will go well LOL

starline 💀 436 days ago

didnt get the job i really wanted. wahoo

starline 🥳 443 days ago

got the bones and textures working on my 3d model! now i just need to figure out how to render and such

starline 💀 445 days ago

3d modeling sucks actually

starline 🎨 445 days ago

going to try and make a simple 3d model XP hopefully it looks good!

starline 🤖 446 days ago

messing around with robot designs ^_^