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starbreaker is...

  • a long-haired metalhead from New York
  • a full-stack thaumaturge
  • an out-of-print science fantasy author who's spent his life writing a fanfic saga about soul-searching androids, swashbuckling sopranos, and demons from outer space
  • a Judas Priest song from the 1970s

artwork by Sara McSorley

artwork by Sara McSorley, originally commissioned by Curiosity Quills Press in 2011


starbreaker 🙂 784 days ago

If I had nothing to hide I'd post my nudes.

starbreaker 🙂 786 days ago

And of course my wife doesn't have any information on how much she made selling art last year so I can accurately file our taxes. Dammit.

starbreaker 💾 805 days ago

Can we do the Butlerian Jihad soon?

starbreaker 🎶 808 days ago

Been listening to Survive Said The Prophet today...

starbreaker 💾 813 days ago

I honestly had no intention of buying Elden Ring until I had a PS5, but I ended up buying it for PS4 since it came with a free upgrade to PS

starbreaker 💀 836 days ago

Kinda wish AI would replace my job already.

starbreaker 🙂 849 days ago

I don't think I'm getting enough vitamin D.

starbreaker 🍺 859 days ago

Three cans of hard cider was probably at least two too many, but they were going to expire today and I didn't want them to go to waste.

starbreaker 🍕 868 days ago

Got bolognese sauce simmering in the crock pot. Too bad I didn't think to get some meatballs and Italian sausages to throw in with it.

starbreaker 😎 868 days ago

The only "community" I want to join at work is a labor union. But that wasn't one of the options management sent. LOL

starbreaker 🎶 869 days ago

Today's a Galneryus day...

starbreaker 😎 871 days ago

Chillin' with Chon on the stereo.

starbreaker 🌧️ 872 days ago

Back at my day job after two weeks away. I've got Helloween's "I Want Out" on repeat already. Hardly a good sign.

starbreaker 🎶 880 days ago

Listening to the new Khemmis album, Deceiver. Because it ain't Christmas without doom metal.

starbreaker 🙂 881 days ago

My wife has her friends over for Christmas, and I'm up here hiding in my study because the Disney shit they have on TV induces diabetes.

starbreaker 📖 888 days ago

Been reading C. J. Cherryh's Foreigner novels, which are basically Star Trek done right. Bren Cameron has seen some shit.

starbreaker 😎 888 days ago

I still count as a Linux user if my HTPC/file server runs Slackware, right?