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Attempting to see if using status.cafe could be viable for me.
(Perhaps as a log of what I've done in a sort of crude timeline...?)

Attempt 2


squaredpancake 🐶 2 days ago

My attempt to practice programming by modding Rain World has been going somewhat better than the last times I tried to mod a game

squaredpancake 🙂 94 days ago

Math := Mostly being tortured by not understanding something simple for hours and the short relief of finally understanding it.

squaredpancake 🎶 95 days ago

Sometimes, in life, math can be so ridiculous that it's funny

squaredpancake 🎶 151 days ago

I rediscovered my 3DS! Discovering and completing what I played when I was younger (and also playing games I missed out on) is a lot of fun!