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spoony 🔥 499 days ago

Extra hard workout today! Dying, but the good kind.

spoony 😛 503 days ago

Retreat weekend! Attempting to get on top of necessary business and housework before we leave~ so much to dooooooooo!

spoony 🥃 513 days ago

I'm eating soup.

spoony 🫖 514 days ago

Sudden trip planning mode activated.

spoony 👀 515 days ago

Please die and go bye, stye in my eye.

spoony ☕️ 532 days ago

JavaScript is out of hand and scares me! But! I figured a thing out! And it worked! And I am pleased! And now JavaScript can be controlled!

spoony 🤖 534 days ago

The creativity cycle is in full force!

spoony 🥳 536 days ago

2023! I'm happy to meet you.

spoony 😇 540 days ago

I am a natural blonde!

spoony 🥳 541 days ago

A little bit Martha Stewart, a little bit RZA.

spoony 🙂 546 days ago

Talking is always the answer.

spoony 🥹 554 days ago

"I'm grateful to be Spoony's trainer because I love her bubbly personality and she is so much fun to be around." Thank you so much.

spoony 💡 555 days ago

It's one of those days where I spend many hours researching the Bronze Age collapse again...

spoony 😇 556 days ago

It's not pink, it's rose!

spoony 🎤 560 days ago

The first thing people will see when they enter our home: Analog Worms Attack.

spoony ❤️ 561 days ago

Vigil for The Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception tonight!

spoony ✨ 562 days ago

Alright, time to detox from Youtube.

spoony 🤖 566 days ago

Feeling creative today >:)

spoony ❤️ 598 days ago

God bless the patriarchy <3

spoony 😂 602 days ago

"You told me "no" and I don't like that." - me on vacation, 2022

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