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heyo! im spooks (or rune), a chill little guy just hanging around. For now my "homepage" is just my spacehey account, but it will eventually be my actual homepage once i get my corner of the web up and running ^^


spooks 💻 78 days ago

geometry dash has been consuming me.

spooks 💤 185 days ago

eepy sleepy

spooks 👀 221 days ago

tbh creature.......... why u so eyes boy

spooks 💤 224 days ago

homework is so lame :P

spooks 💤 226 days ago

i think ive slept over 12 hours today..

spooks 🌱 228 days ago

time to clean my room :P

spooks 😭 231 days ago

work is coming...

spooks 🙂 232 days ago

work has been killing me!! i love it but god im busy, hoping to do some coding soon.

spooks 💔 245 days ago

hell on earth....

spooks 🍫 250 days ago

still sick but i got cookies :3

spooks 🤒 251 days ago

was sick today.. bleugh

spooks 📚 252 days ago

I want to go to the library...

spooks 💤 256 days ago

i just did sm homework but!! it is finally finished and its chill time.

spooks 💔 257 days ago


spooks 💀 258 days ago

happy halloween everyone ^^

spooks ❄️ 259 days ago

id like to write more. i want to get my website going and start a blog so bad.. but will i keep up with it? who knows

spooks 💤 260 days ago

its so hard being the sleepiest fella all the time...

spooks 🎶 263 days ago

cleaned and rearranged my entire room, i have work tomorrow, but i listened to music with my new headphones all day. so im feelin good :3

spooks 🔥 320 days ago

I love kicking ass in tennis!

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