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heyo! im spooks (or rune), a chill little guy just hanging around. For now my "homepage" is just my spacehey account, but it will eventually be my actual homepage once i get my corner of the web up and running ^^


spooks 🔥 23 days ago

I love kicking ass in tennis!

spooks 🫖 26 days ago

i love dishing it with my friends, we are so silly <3

spooks ✏️ 31 days ago

hopefully i will clean my room up today, maybe work on my page on here too

spooks 🤒 33 days ago

drank so much pool water...

spooks 💔 35 days ago

math is hard..

spooks 🤐 37 days ago

school has started..

spooks 💤 39 days ago

tired but i would like to do stuff today,, also school starts soon... blegh

spooks 🤒 40 days ago

feeling blegh

spooks 🎶 44 days ago

oh music my beloved

spooks 💻 47 days ago

jst fixed a problem i had with auto play music on spacehey in the stupidest way, so silly

spooks 💤 48 days ago

leaving but future me change your profile to a space theme, ok gn

spooks 💤 48 days ago

messed with my profile a bit, going to either sleep or just chill probably, im so tired.......

spooks 🥳 48 days ago

status cafe account acquired!! :D