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he/they/it; plant nerd + horror queer


spike 🎶 13 days ago

burning cds again (plantasia!!!)

spike 🌧️ 18 days ago

raining but can't find rainy-day movie list : ( oof

spike 🐱 20 days ago

pos: cat on lap neg: cat drool on knee

spike 🔥 21 days ago

i don't want to mix the chemicals. can i get the grade without mixing the chemicals please

spike 👽 33 days ago

yoooo finished the presentation hell yeah. time for sandwich

spike 🌧️ 33 days ago

it rained!!!!!

spike 💀 36 days ago

so so so sniffly. allergies whyyyyyyyyy

spike 🌈 37 days ago

playing discworld mud :3 having a blast

spike 🌧️ 38 days ago

procrastinaing on ochem homework... i definitely should be reviewing concepts more than i am :'/

spike 👀 40 days ago

in class, group project and no one's talking :/ like i know we're tired but geez

spike 💀 41 days ago

my eyes are so tired... but i love color-matching game :'0