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he/him. Silly person! haha.


spidrsharks 💔 2 days ago

Silksong save me... Silksong....Silksong save me...

spidrsharks ❤️ 17 days ago

I love this guy, he's so amazing. I like to talk to him and it feels like he gets me like omg...

spidrsharks 🛹 40 days ago

i wanna ditch school ughhh

spidrsharks 💔 40 days ago

can i put a dark mode on this site lol...my eyes..

spidrsharks 🎲 41 days ago

Our and our kuya's OCs have been bouncing around our brain for like the past week now, I think its super fun but like we cant focus XDD

spidrsharks 🤖 49 days ago

me when the crisis is crisis-ing!!! but i've been productive i think it's worth it!!!

spidrsharks ❄️ 50 days ago

Its so cold lol I'm gonna freeze T-T

spidrsharks 🎶 55 days ago

music is so yummy ngl. especially rocky.