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Spelled in the Mimi.
~Love and Have Fun Forever~


spell ✏️ 12 days ago

updated and am replaying moemon after a few years and the new sprites are so cute ...

spell ☀️ 27 days ago

today (last night) i decided to have courage and while it was stressful i now realize that everything is OK

spell 🌧️ 29 days ago

today is the 10th anniversary of something important to me but rather than being excited i just feel guilty and nauseous

spell ☀️ 34 days ago

ive been in a good mood lately despite developing breathing issues

spell 🌙 42 days ago

body hurts real bad today but i live on nonetheless

spell 🍦 49 days ago

this is the summer after summer

spell 💤 56 days ago

i slept through the entire day and i feel so sick now what the heck~

spell 🌧️ 58 days ago

i miss summer and spring

spell 🙂 59 days ago

started playing touhoumon its really fun i picked luna child as the starter im stoked some of my favorite characters are obtainable early on

spell 🌙 60 days ago

Have a nice dream

spell ☀️ 61 days ago

i hope everyone is doing well today

spell ✏️ 63 days ago

recently i noticed im always gripping my right wrist and idk why maybe its comfortable to me lol

spell ✏️ 64 days ago

everything ive eaten or drank today had this weird sweet taste it was especially noticeable with milk

spell ✏️ 65 days ago

have to stay at my nana's house for a few days i miss my cats alot but i'll get to see them soon~

spell 🎁 66 days ago

its my irl best friends birthday today!im going to try to draw him a picture....

spell 🥰 67 days ago

something good happened to my friend today and im so happy i could explode

spell 🥳 67 days ago

played a bunch of Yume 2kki Online today and im finally past the 40% explored mark~!!!

spell 🎶 67 days ago

i talked with my first ever internet friend about old virtual worlds and console games we played as kids for hours straight im happy