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spaceneet 🙂 7 days ago

these absolute hot ass skater boys two years older than me just called me up and asked if i want to hang out & i cant PLESPAELPSELAPS

spaceneet 🙂 12 days ago

im actually going to commit, why won't the fuckass "placeholder preview" image on nekoweb change!!!! how do i change it!!!

spaceneet 🙂 13 days ago

finally found a cool online alias, "rano" based off the scientific name of a fish i like :3

spaceneet 🙂 20 days ago


spaceneet 😴 20 days ago

first world problems bro what the fuck is "its time to put screens up its a school knight" at 8pm. when I'm fucking 14?

spaceneet 🤖 22 days ago

ohmy god im so glad that i'm homeeeeeeeeeee that week-long trip was cool as fuck but i'm exhausted

spaceneet 🚄 27 days ago

i'm so nervous! in a couple hours I'm gonna go to the school for a school trip, and i wont be back until Friday night!!!!!

spaceneet 🎶 33 days ago

llistening to dos by green day on my cd player while websurfing on neocities life is good

spaceneet 😎 35 days ago

soo happy, i got new shoes, a minibag thats shaped like a cat liike chiaki's, some cds, and a couple books as well as a he/him pin!!!!

spaceneet 🌧️ 35 days ago

I DONT KNOW WHYYY my mom thinks i'm PURPOSEFULLY blocking out childhood memories...