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sonia 💤 1 day ago

wick back to the usual mood (missing sordward)

sonia 💤 7 days ago

girls will be like "i'll draw today" "i'll work on my website today" "i'll fix my sleep schedule" then they dont. im girls

sonia ☕️ 11 days ago

i miss sordward soo much i seriously need to EXPLODE right now

sonia ❄️ 12 days ago

girls love to stay up all night because of pokemon masters datamines

sonia ❄️ 13 days ago

ok so i may or may not have quit my job after the first day

sonia ☕️ 14 days ago

fnaf franchise continuing to disappoint (see: character encyclopedia)

sonia 🥺 14 days ago

i start my new job at 8:30am tomorrow and its almost 3am and i cant sleep...send help