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we are all living life at different speeds; and oh baby. i am speed-running every tuesday.


solid_kopawz 🎁 446 days ago

going chtistmas shoping soon... for somebody’s babey

solid_kopawz 💤 461 days ago

i ate enough turkey to feed twenty men. i think i will be hibernating for the next 10 weeks

solid_kopawz 🍞 462 days ago

we're having thanksgiving tomorrow, my grandma, uncle, and other uncle are coming over.

solid_kopawz 💀 464 days ago

i went to the doctor and they said i have weak little bones... he need some milk

solid_kopawz 😎 465 days ago

i went and had a nice time with my friends, we celebrated my birthday early

solid_kopawz 🍞 467 days ago

the harsh wind stole my Cinnabon roll at lunch. maybe the birds will like it.

solid_kopawz 🎮 469 days ago

i'm thinking of making a page to show off funny and interesting screenshots i've taken from roblox.

solid_kopawz 🍞 470 days ago

There's this new Italian place opening up across the street...

solid_kopawz 🎁 472 days ago

the figma figures i ordered arrived a looot earlier than i expected!