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sol 👀 4 days ago

adding a commission info page soon!

sol 📚 13 days ago

gfhdhfg i have to study again :(

sol ☀️ 14 days ago

just accepted that my style falls under coquette/y2k fashion. tiktok is so annoying about those subcultures but who give a care

sol ☀️ 17 days ago

hi guys. sorry i forgot about this website i got a girlfriend . yknow how it is

sol ☀️ 76 days ago

working on art

sol ☀️ 93 days ago

studying again this shit sucks

sol ☀️ 109 days ago

reopening commissions soon

sol ☀️ 114 days ago

fic writing again raaaah

sol ☀️ 116 days ago

going out with a friend today :)

sol ☀️ 117 days ago

writing a new fic, considering making a writing page

sol ☀️ 118 days ago

made it through an 8 hour long car ride!!

sol ☀️ 119 days ago

mad at the sonic fandom. wishing i could post personal fics without fear of cancellation. oh well!

sol ☀️ 120 days ago

talked a bunch about sonic with my little cousin. informing everyone that his favorite characters are 1. shadow, 2. silver and 3. knuckles

sol 💤 120 days ago

tired... i want to go home

sol ☀️ 184 days ago

finally getting my shit together!

sol 🙂 186 days ago


sol 🔥 187 days ago

argentina gay sex sunday (elections today help help help help)

sol 🌈 187 days ago


sol 📚 187 days ago

studying again... life is hell to silly guys like me

sol 📺 188 days ago

deciding between watching the scott pilgrim anime and rewatching cowboy bebop..

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